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QuickBook VAT FAQ's

The VAT feature is available in all QuickBooks Online versions. Our developers have added three main features into QuickBooks Online to be compliant with the new tax law for UAE.

Launch Quickbooks and click the "Lists" menu and then select "Sales Tax Code List." Locate the tax code you want to change and double-click the name. Make changes to the sales tax code according to your needs."

  • Step 1. Click on Taxes on the left menu, then the Set up VAT button
  • Step 2. On the Set up VAT page, select the beginning month of your current VAT period
  • Step 3. Select your filing frequency
  • Step 4. Next, choose your VAT accounting scheme
  • Step 5. Enter your VAT registration number
  • Step 1. From the left navigation bar, choose Taxes
  • Step 2. Click the Edit VAT drop down then click Edit Settings
  • Step 3. Make necessary changes then enter the VAT registration number.
  • Step 4. Click Save
  • Step 1. Click the Gear icon
  • Step 2. Click Accounts and Settings
  • Step 3. Click Advanced.
  • Step 4. Go to Accounting
  • Step 5. Click the drop-down in Default tax rate selection and choose Out of Scope of Tax (or No VAT.)