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Best CRM Software for Small Business Dubai, UAE

Maintaining a good relationship with your customers is an essential factor for running a successful business. It can help your business grow and reach a new level. Elate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy that is designed to understand the needs and requirements of the customers. It identifies potential customers, creates leads, and opportunities, and then makes deals that will be converted to sales. If it is done manually, the leads that are generated might get lost or forgotten. Elate CRM software take the business to another level.

The leads that are generated might get lost or forgotten if it is done manually. When dealing with many customers per day, if you do it manually, then as humans, we tend to forget to give response to a customer that needs to be called after a few days. Tracking prospects and customers with the help of datasheets or pen and paper is very frustrating, time-consuming task along with many errors which causes the company to lose customers. But if it is done with the help of CRM software Dubai, the software itself will remind you who to call and what response they probably need while keeping an organized record.

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Keep a systematic and detailed record of all the customers and clients in your database with Elate CRM Software. With the help of the software, you don’t need to be clueless when a customer calls you for any Inquiry.

You can always implement CRM software in your company irrespective of the size and type of the organization. We can implement various functionality on core, standard, enterprise and niche levels by providing various CRM modules. Here are a few functionalities in Elate CRM Dubai:

  • Contact Management

  • Calendar Integration with reminders

  • Task Management

  • Reporting and Scheduling

  • Mobile Access

  • Interaction Tracking

  • Custom Reporting

  • Quotes Management

You can use CRM software for small businesses as well as a large scale business. It will help you build a satisfied customer base and help you take your profits to the next level. Providing CRM Solution Dubai, CRM Solution UAE, along with other management software solutions, we are a trustworthy and official Elate CRM software dealer in Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Sharjah, and all over the Middle East. We provide additional support and services with annual maintenance checks for our customers. As a CRM solution provider company in Dubai, UAE, and all over the Middle East, we are one of the Best Accounting Software Providers.

Best CRM Software in Dubai - An Essential CRM Tool

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software UAE is the ultimate solution to boost your sales figures. It helps you keep track of your customers and provide constant support when needed. Best CRM System Dubai is aimed to compile the potential customer’s basic information and requirements. After that, it provides the best products and services to them and increases the customer base in your field.

  • Track all your leads and Customer

  • Streamline your workflow with ease

  • Track sales executives and their performance

  • Never miss any leads or clients waiting for your response

  • Mobile Access

  • Use CRM software UAE to analyse your sales and performance

Do more with Elate CRM Software

  • Graphs that indicate your company’s performance

  • Analyse Sources and their generation

  • Cloud application

  • Reports on past activities

  • Useful for Sales Executives

  • Accessible from all Mobile and laptops

Advanced CRM Module - Elate CRM Software in UAE, Dubai

The CRM Interface shows all vital statistics and graphs comprehensible at a single glance. To perform their duties faster and meet the sales targets, it will help your sales representatives and receptionist. This CRM Dubai software will ensure that you can keep an organized record of all your customers as well as potential customers. This guarantees that you have a good customer relationship.

As a result, it will elevate your brand name and value. Besides that, it will help you build a satisfied customer base. You can use Best CRM software for small businesses as well as a large scale business. It helps you take your profits to the next level. Along with other management software solutions, we are a CRM Software dealer, providing CRM Solution Dubai and CRM Solution UAE. We provide additional support and services with annual maintenance to our customers.

Settings of CRM Software

Elate CRM Software in Dubai, UAE - Settings of CRM Software

  • Only the admin user will have the privilege to close one inquiry

  • Admin users will have the privilege to check the login report

  • User security control

  • Admin users will have the right to take backup

Best Elate CRM Dealer in UAE, Dubai

We are an authorized Accounting Software Dealer in Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Al ain - United Arab Emirates. We deliver design customized software and hardware solutions for different sectors. It includes Manufacturing, Engineering, Packaging, Distribution, and Trading. Being the best and trustworthy Elate CRM UAE dealer or provider, we offer:

  • Elate CRM Free Demo: For Elate CRM Multi-User, we are providing a free demo of the software. Our Company is based in Abu Dhabi, Middle East, UAE, Dubai.

  • Elate CRM Support: To all your queries regarding Elate CRM, our Experts will provide highly efficient support. We are having branches all over in UAE and the Middle East.

  • Elate CRM Installation: To all our customers in Sharjah, Al Ain, Fujairah, Ajman, UAE, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi, we are providing CRM installation and support.

  • Elate CRM Annual Maintenance: We are providing maintenance to our product, Elate CRM annually. These maintenance services will provide to all our customers.

  • Elate CRM Training: On Elate CRM, our accounting experts will provide training so that you can easily understand and can use our product in the organization.

  • Elate CRM Annual Maintenance: To all of our Elate CRM customers, we are providing highly efficient online & onsite support. Customers from all over the Middle East can access our support at any time.

CRM Software FAQ's

Customer Relationship Management system is a software that helps you to maintain better relations with your customers and clients, thus enabling you to grow your customer base even faster and also manage your sales executives in an organized manner.

CRM should be able to maximize the sales of the company and increase good co-ordination between the sales executives and support team to ensure that the clients receive the best service and prompt response.

Once you begin to use the CRM, you will have the power to define the sales workflow for the sales executives and organize them to maximize the deal closure rate. You will find it easy to convert your leads to customers and at the same time ensure that your current customer base is happy with your services.

  • Step 1. Ask for a free trial to see if the CRM suits your business model
  • Step 2. Check out its customization options along with other Addins
  • Step 3. Decide on the Online or Offline version
  • Step 4. User Experience and Ease of Usage
  • Step 5. Sales Executive friendly
  • Step 6. Mobile Version and Desktop version available
  • Step 7. Data security and user accessibility feature

Customer Relationship Management software is an application used by smart companies and business organization to make the sales process faster and efficiently convert more leads to deals. Here are a few benefits.

  • Step 1. Better Leads to customer Conversion
  • Step 2. Customer Segmentation
  • Step 3. Shorter and faster Sales cycle
  • Step 4. Customer Communication
  • Step 5. Team Collaboration
  • Step 6. Customer data and information protection
  • Step 7. Task Management